Physiology deals with normal functions of the human body.

It correlates anatomic, biochemical structure with specific functions and constitutes the basis upon which pharmacology and pathology are fashioned.

Physiology throws light on disorders of function and gives the medical student a vantage position to gain a rational view of pathological processes. Thus physiology is the basis upon which scientific medicine is practiced. The new discipline of biomedical engineering has its foundations in the realms of applied physiology.

  1. The course is designed to give an insight to the physiological principles of normal function of the human body.
  2. The factors which determine the organization and integration of the body systems are taught.
  3. The course imparts the core physiological knowledge upon which medical practice is based.
  4. It indicates the experimental basis of knowledge and relates basic knowledge to an understanding of common abnormalities.
  5. This basic knowledge is used to explain common pathological disturbances, especially failure of certain functions.
  6. Students are encouraged to think of disease in terms of disturbance function.

Name: Dr. Aneke Edwin Ikemefuna

Qualifications: B.Sc., MBCHB, FMCP, Dip HSM

Area of Interest: Gastroenoterology

Phone: 08064598255

Email: eddyaneke@gmail.com

Name: Dr. Ortuanya Kelvin Emeka

Qualifications: MBBS

Area of Interest: Reproductive Physiology

Phone: 08035006365

Email: ochiagha10@gmail.com

Name: Nweke Maduka Luke

Qualification: B.Sc., M.Sc.

No. of Publications: 11

Area of Interest: Renal Physiology

Phone no.: 08035583874

Email: maduka.nweke@unn.edu.ng


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