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ESUT Medical Library is a complex ultra-modern building currently occupies and habour a computer lab, and audio-visual/medical illustration unit and sections for books. The library started its operation fully in 2005 by the pioneer librarian Mr. Ezukwuoke N. E. In early 2006, a senior librarian Mr. S. N. Onwbiko was posted to take over from Mr. Ezukwuoke. Also the pioneer staff of the library includes Mr. Ozoagu S. A., the cataloguer, and Mrs. Onyechi Patricia, the chief Porter.

The ESUT Medical Library is divided into two sections; the clinical and pre clinical section of the library.

  • The clinical section of the library contains materials on general medicine, public aspect of medicine, pathology, internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics, paediatrics, dentitry, dermatology, therapeutics, pharmacology and other reference materials.
  • Pre clinical section also contain materials on Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and other materials such as journals, nursing books, veterinary medicine and microbiology.

Currently, the volume of books, journals and non print materials in our library stands as follows;

Books 2632
Journals 1208
Non Books Materials (NBM)-CD-ROM 113

Services of the Library:

The library's opening hours is from 8am - 6pm on Mondays - Fridays. The services of the library are for our students, lecturers, medical doctors, from within and outside the campus and other medical professionals who may want to use our library.

As of now, we have not started borrowing out books to readers because we have very limited copies to be borrowed out.

1 Ezukwuoke, N. E. Librarian 1 (Ag Medical Librarian)
2 Ozoagu, S.A. Chief Library Officer
3 Ezinwa, Christiana Senior Bindery Superintendent
4 Ugwu, Christiana Senior Typist 1
5 Onyeji, Ogochukwu H.E.O.
6 Onyechi Patricia Hall Supervisor
7 Nwajagu Paschaline N. Chief Porter

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